Travel reviews

Travel reviews by Ms V & Mr D from Illinois

Overall trip feedback

On this trip, I visited Rwanda, Tanzania & Zanzibar between 2-Oct-2007 and 17-Oct-2007 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


We had excellent experiences with gorilla tracking in Rwanda, game viewing in the Serengeti and enjoying the sun on Zanzibar. We would recommend all of these experiences to friends.

While we would recommed going to the Selous, we can not recommend the Lake Manze Camp. This camp was not a good match for us. However, the Lake Manze Camp was the only camp in Selous that had availability on our preferred days. We knew that there were risks with going to this camp as it was so new (in that there may be some procedures that may need to be worked out). We did not expect the full Italian experience. We were expecting that there would be an African experience.

We already talking about our next trip to Africa. We know that we will go again.

When we do, we plan on contacting Expert Africa.

Feel free to include us on the mailing list for your 2008 brochure. Thank you!!!

Feedback response

We’re very pleased that these travellers enjoyed their whole trip so much – they covered a lot of ground.

Amidst the successes, we’re sorry that Lake Manze Camp wasn’t a good match for them – even if it did provide two of their best game drives. This trip was booked quite late; about 5-6 weeks before they travelled. The options in Selous were very limited. We advised them that Lake Manze was very new (it had opened just three months earlier), and because of this it had space and was relatively inexpensive.

We feel confident that the issues they did experience there – of a heavy Italian bias and an inexperienced guide – were very much teething troubles, and look forward to hearing more from more recent travellers about the camp. We hope it will be as successful as its much-loved sister-camp, Mdonya Old River Camp, in Ruaha National Park.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Gorillas Nest, Rwanda
3-Oct-2007 review: 3 night safari at Gorillas Nest Lodge
Macushla House
3-Oct-2007 review: Brief overnight at Macushla House
Kigali Serena Hotel, Rwanda
6-Oct-2007 review: 1 night at the Kigali Serena
Serengeti under Canvas, Tanzania
7-Oct-2007 review: Fantastic safari at Serengeti Under Canvas
Lake Manze Adventure Camp, Tanzania
11-Oct-2007 review: 3 night safari at Lake Manze Camp
Unguja Lodge, Zanzibar
14-Oct-2007 review: A Beatuiful Stay at Unguja Lodge