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Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Reviews: Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve

Below are independent comments from 16 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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"Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve review"

Based at Offbeat Mara on 6 Oct 2021
"Our guides Symon and Muli really went out of their way to make sure that we have a great Safari experience.

Their expertise/ knowledge about animal behavior was extremely impressive. They know the topography of the Mara. Almost bush by bush, tree by tree. We saw the BIG 5 and many others. And we were blessed to see the zebras and wildebeests cross the Mara River, and again cross from Masai Mara to Serengeti.

I learned a lot from them not just about wildlife but also about the Maasai Culture." Read more about this whole safari
Dr Z

"Wildlife hard to see but still great!"

Based at Porini Cheetah Camp on 3 Dec 2019
"We were staying in the nearby(ish) Porini Cheetah Camp in the Ol Kinyei Conservancy where wildlife was so dense it felt like Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Very different in the Park, we drove for long stretches without seeing wildlife at all. But on the day we were there, we saw a lion hunt, a leopard in a tree, hippos and a crocodile at the river, and an elusive black rhino. And a dung beetle couple doing their dung ball thing, which was cool.

We were very glad to spend one day at the Park, and very glad to have three days in the Ol Kinyei Conservancy." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs B

"Excellent guiding and viewings"

Based at Offbeat Mara on 6 Oct 2019
"Joseph and Symon were an excellent partnership - we saw way more than we expected and Joseph always explaining everything clearly. He was very interesting about the history of the Masai.

Having breakfast out each day was a treat and always in a perfect spot. We had a new vehicle which was comfortable and easy to look out from.

They seemed to have a knack of knowing where the animals were and quite often we were the only vehicle there." Read more about this whole safari
Dr R.
Colombo 5

"Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve review"

Based at Naboisho Camp on 7 Oct 2019
"We visited the MM National Reserve for just one day from Naboisho Camp where we were staying. We are experienced safari goers, but I cannot recall any day on which we had better wild life sightings than this. This included
a lioness taking down a wildebeest;
several prides of lions, one with a number of cubs feeding on a zebra and also going to drink water;
20+ spotted hyenas lolling around lazily in water/mud pools;
an amazing sighting of a herd of about 10 elephants spraying mud over themselves and lolling around in a tiny mud pool which only had room for 5 or 6 of them, which meant that they got all tangled up and had their legs and bodies at various odd angles;
4 adult male cheetas who had banded together to hunt (we heard they were famous), though they were disappointing because all they did was lie under a tree from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm when we had to leave to go back to our Camp." Read more about this whole safari
Mr S & Ms B

"Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve review"

Based at Kicheche Mara on 10 Sep 2019
"Due to the pattern of rains the great herds of wildebeest we had hoped to see were not there (in the reserve). Although this was disappointing we still enjoyed our trip into the Mara.

We had some very good lion sightings and lots of hippos and crocodiles." Read more about this whole safari

"Maasai Mara National Reserve - what a circus!"

Based at Porini Lion Camp on 18 Aug 2019
"The reason that we chose to stay at a private conservancy outside the Maasai Mara National Reserve is because I was worried that the Maasai Mara NR would be overrun with tourists, particularly at the time of the great migration which seems to have become an Instagram event for too many visitors. I would have been perfectly happy to avoid this spectacle, but a drive down to the Mara appeared to be the only programme on offer for our first day in camp, so against my better judgement we went along with it. Unfortunately it turned out to be an absolute low point in an otherwise wonderful three week itinerary and my worst expectations of the MM NR were exceeded by what occurred that day.

The closer we got to the Mara river and potential crossing points, the more the traffic of safari wagons built up, to the point where we became aware of other vehicles careering along at dangerous speeds on parallel tracks trying to race each other to the river bank. When we arrived it was quite obvious why they were behaving in this way, as we found both banks of the river were completely choked up with a grid lock of scores of vehicles containing hundreds of people. Vehicles were barging in front of each other to achieve a better view, blocking others out so that their occupants couldn't see anything and even, astonishingly, blocking the pathway for the herds of wildebeest and zebra trying to reach the river, the people seemingly completely oblivious to the needs of the very animals that they had come to observe!

As the wretched animals took their chance to cross the river the onlookers were shouting and cheering like a football crowd and whooping and laughing whenever any of the poor beasts were brutally consumed by the waiting crocodiles. I suspect that the feeding of Christians to the lions in the Colosseum of ancient Rome must have provided a similar experience. It was, frankly, a little sickening and it made me feel rather ashamed to be among the mob myself. Then, to add insult to injury, we had an unpleasant encounter with some National Reserve Rangers who, rather than controlling the mass overpopulation of tourists, seemed more intent on enforcing petty regulations and extracting money from hapless drivers and guides for apparent minor breaches of niggling Reserve rules. I think that the Maasai Mara National Reserve of Kenya has a major problem of tourist overpopulation, which it seriously needs to address, and it also needs to examine closely the conduct of its own rangers. I shall not be returning there." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs L.
Stamford Hill

"Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve review"

Based at Hemingways Ol Seki Mara on 17 Nov 2018
"I would highly recommend the day trip to the Masai Mara, Richard recommended this and included it in our trip, and it was phenomenal. Yes it does mean quite a lot of driving, but what a shame to miss out on lunch by the river, close to hippos, crocodiles, elephants and buffalo for the sake of a couple more hours in the car. We saw the five cheetah brothers hunting warthog babies (a bit sad as the babies were so cute!), as well as a prolonged leopard sighting. The sheer scale of the reserve is amazing, at one point we drove for two hours without seeing anyone else. Having said that, at the leopard sighting, we were soon joined by about 30 other jeeps, which made us appreciate our stay in the conservancy even more." Read more about this whole safari
the Chilterns

" Maasai Mara National Reserve was amazing"

Based at Tangulia Mara on 6 Oct 2018
"Our family group had never been to Kenya and were stunned by the proximity of the wildlife to our safari jeep and the animals' closeness to each other - prey and predator and scavenger often side by side. Our kids described it as a Noah's Ark of wildlife - and felt it brought us beyond box-ticking the Big Five or the Ugly Five, etc. into watching behaviours.

Other comments are in the review of Tangulia>

Well worth coming here and I would come back again -- so much to see!" Read more about this whole safari
Mrs C.

"No wilderbeest crossing but a kill"

Based at Kicheche Mara on 17 Sep 2018
"Our trip to the national reserve was a long, and particularly hot, day. There were plenty of wildlife viewings en route. We saw our only leopard here, but were one of about a dozen vehicles. Quite a different feel to the peaceful setting in the conservancy. We didn’t see any wildebeest crossing, but were in the right place and the right time to witness 2 zebras attempt to cross the river. They struggled to climb the bank to get out - one made it but we could see the 2 crocodiles heading towards the other one. We could hear the crunch of jaws on the zebras head. We wanted to watch, but we didn’t!" Read more about this whole safari
Dr & Mrs P

"Safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve review"

Based at Ngare Serian on 11 Sep 2018
"Stayed in the Mara North Conservancy and didn’t go into the National Park as the next stage of our trip was to the Serengeti." Read more about this whole safari
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