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Travel reviews by Mrs S from Kansas

All that I Expected and More

On this trip, I visited Kenya between 2-Sep-2014 and 14-Sep-2014 and I travelled alone.

Overall my trip experience was:


The trip as a whole was wonderful, thanks to the great planning of Richard Trillo and anyone else who made this trip so easy and yet exciting.

My only negative comment was the lack of internet access. We had WiFi at Macushla House, which was great. My husband was happy to hear that I had arrived safetly. When we got to Offbeat Meru, I was told the the internet was "down" temporarily. I assumed this could not be avoided, but was concerned because I had not expected this.

We had WIFI and Sosian so I was once again in touch with my family. But at Offbeat Mara I could not contact my husband. I just wish I had been told this ahead of time so I would know what to expect.

Feedback response

We're sorry to hear that Mrs S was under the impression that Wi-fi would be available at Offbeat Mara and Offbeat Meru as we do indicate on the camp reports that Wi-fi isn't available at these camps. In many camps, especially those in more remote areas, Wi-fi is still the exception rather than the rule. Offbeat have responded to say that Offbeat Mara has no mobile phone signal in camp, but in the manager’s office there is limited Wi-fi for those who really need it, and it can be accessed mainly in the evenings. Offbeat Meru has good mobile signal in camp so guests can use their smartphones to get internet access. Again, limited W-fi is available on special request in the manager’s office in the evenings, but this isn't for casual browsing.

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