Travel reviews

Travel reviews by Mr J from Cambridgeshire

A Memorable honeymoon

On this trip, I visited South Africa & Zambia between 3-Aug-2007 and 23-Aug-2007 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Superb planning by Expert Africa, thank you so much.

Great memorable smiles on the faces of children who have nothing in this world. Shows the Brits that there are people with nothing in this world and they can still smile and not winge. Did not realise that Bic pens can be used to bargain with in the markets.

We have sent our valet at Tongabezi a Chelsea shirt with his hero printed on the back to say a further thank you and we have sent a parcel for the school in the Zambian school of Simonga, they have nothing out there. What a wonderful life experience. All Brits ought to pay a visit to Africa.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
V&A Hotel
4-Aug-2007 review: Loved the sheets at this hotel...............
Klippe Rivier Country House, South Africa (this camp has since closed)
8-Aug-2007 review: Where were the staff......................
Hog Hollow Country Lodge, South Africa
9-Aug-2007 review: I could live here - mega brill place
Kwandwe Ecca Lodge, South Africa
12-Aug-2007 review: Can I live here as well
The Grace, South Africa (this camp has since closed)
15-Aug-2007 review: This was not a great experience
Rovos Rail
16-Aug-2007 review: Great train experience but.............
Tongabezi, Zambia
18-Aug-2007 review: Mega fab place
Excursion Overall rating
Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool , Zambia
19-Jul-2007 review: Will stick in my mind for ever
Helicopter Flight - Zambia, Zambia
19-Jul-2007 review: Superb flight