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Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool

Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool

Reviews: Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool

Below are independent comments from 8 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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"Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool review"

Based at Victoria Falls Hotel on 29 Jan 2024
"Being on Livingstone Island and standing at the very edge of the Falls is a truely memorable experience. You get to feel the magic of this place and feel very humble.

However as we dived in the Angel's pool (Devil's pool was closed due to too much water, this was not so much for us. The other group members were only interested in taking loads of instagrammable photos and dodn't really seem to bother where they actually were and how beautiful this place is. But maybe we should have expected this and if you want to take these kind of pictures you will definitely not be disappointed at the end of this excursion." Read more about this whole safari
Family P

"Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool review"

Based at Ilala Lodge on 6 Jun 2023
"Livingstone Island had just opened, and the river was very fast flowing, so the speedboat ride to the island was thrilling.

Devils pool wasn't in use, but we enjoyed afternoon tea as we watched the Zambezi race past and thunder over the falls." Read more about this whole safari
A, D, & M
Boston, USA

"Livingstone Island & Devil's Pool review"

Based at Batonka Guest Lodge on 19 Aug 2022
"If you come to Victoria Falls, you cannot miss the opportunity to experience Livingstone Island and the Devil's Pool. You will not regret doing so.

If the thought of being at the edge of the largest falls in the world has you scared, don't be! The guides there are highly professional, and safety is their utmost priority. The entire operation was very well run.

It was an incredible, unforgettable activity, and hands down one of the best moments we've ever experienced.

Also, a big shout out to the chefs at Livingstone Island. Their breakfast meals were phenomenal." Read more about this whole safari

"highlight of the trip"

17 Sep 2019
"The absolute highlight of our trip. Don't miss out! Bring water shoes - not flip flops." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs N

"On the sketchy side! But well worse it"

Based at Stanley Safari Lodge on 14 Aug 2017
"We really enjoyed the Livingstone Island Afternoon tea excursion. We went on 8/15 and it had only been opened for a week. The water was still pretty high and you needed to be a swimmer to do it. The guide first do what I called a test drive buy having us swim through a part of the river that was safe but with some current to see how we could swim. Unfortunately, a young man who had join our group was asked to turn back because he couldn't swim. After that, we swam (really a little) and walked on rock to get to the devil's pool. Be aware that there are some little fishes in the pool that nibble on your feet... my daughter got so scare that she pulled her feet out of the water so fast that we thought she was going to flip over the top. It definitely seemed a little sketchy because of the water level but we never felt in danger as the guide was very careful. Another man took videos and pictures on our Iphone and he did a fantastic job. Our guide was great and friendly.
We then went back to the camp area and had food (way too much) and well deserved drinks. Stop by the bathroom nicknamed the "loom with a view"... to get the full experience!
My only suggestion to improve the visit would be to spend a more time in the water at the pool and less at the camp eating otherwise highly recommended." Read more about this whole safari
Mr g
Illinois, USA

"a great experience, although a bit pricey"

Based at Avani Victoria Falls on 14 Aug 2015
"A great way to get close to Victoria Falls. The process ( from departure at the Robert Livingstone Hotel, boat to the Island, "tour" of the Falls, guiding those (not us) taking in Devils Pool, the breakfast, and return) was well organized, the various staff were friendly, helpful and informative, and the breakfast meal was excellent." Read more about this whole safari
Mr B St Mary

"Very Good - Recommended"

Based at Avani Victoria Falls on 6 Aug 2007
"The Zambian side of the falls can be a lot drier than the Zimbabwe side. This is the nearest you can get to the Zimbabe side and it does give a different viewpoint. Rainbows appeared everywhere, which gives great photo opportunities. We did not tell the kids that the island was on the lip of the falls and they got a real kick out of it." Read more about this whole safari
Mr J

"Will stick in my mind for ever"

Based at Tongabezi on 19 Jul 2007
"Standing 1 fott away from a 1100m drop down the falls watching 3m liters per second of water coming of the Zimbawe cateract was breath taking.Standing 1 foot away from a 1100m drop down the falls watching 3million litres per second of water coming of the Zimbabwe cataract was breath taking, what an adrenaline rush. The Vic Falls area is becoming adrenaline capital of the world. Living on the edge type people will be in their element around this area." Read more about this whole safari
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8 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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