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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs J from Stockholm

Our July 2016 trip to Kenya

On this trip, I visited Kenya between 1-Jul-2016 and 13-Jul-2016 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


The trip as a whole was perfectly organized. There are two reasons as to why we don´t deem it very satisfactory.

The first is that our guide at Kicheche Bush Camp talked us out of doing the whole day trip to the Mara reserve to see a Mara river crossing, which was something we had planned to do and were really looking forward to. He brought up a whole bunch of counter arguments, all of which later proved to be false. Among other things, he told us that the guides from KBC never do whole day trips to the reserve that time of the year, only from August on. However, on the day we left, on 11 July, two vehicles from KBC did exactly that, to see a Mara crossing.

The second reason is that we had requested guide Nelson Kasoe, in writing, to Richard Trillo, but in KBC they knew of no request in our name. This also was a huge disappointment, especially since another couple that arrived on the same day as us, got Nelson, without having requested so. We were also disappointed with the guide we got instead.

Feedback response

We made a written request to Kicheche for this guide, but they have now explained that other repeat guests who had booked even earlier had already requested him. Kicheche went on to say that all their guides have a silver qualification from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, and they are very sorry that the guide requested by Mr and Mrs J was not available as they had hoped. They have also said they are extremely sorry if they felt the guide they were given let them down. Kicheche guides do full-day game drives into the national reserve throughout the migration season, and Mr and Mrs J could certainly have continued on their drive in the reserve for the rest of the day. Kicheche have spoken to this guide about the day and they accept he was misinformed about crossings taking place on the Mara River and he was wrong to give any impression that driving further was not a good idea. They are very sorry if Mr and Mrs J’s day in the reserve was a disappointment compared with their expectations.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Macushla House, Kenya
1-Jul-2016 review: Could have stayed forever
Aero Club of East Africa, Kenya
2-Jul-2016 review: A good night´s sleep after all
Kicheche Mara, Kenya
3-Jul-2016 review: Brilliant stay at Kicheche Mara
Kicheche Bush Camp, Kenya
6-Jul-2016 review: Mixed feelings at Bush
Macushla House, Kenya
11-Jul-2016 review: Could have stayed forever II