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Travel reviews by Ms G from Sarnia

A dream trip to Africa

On this trip, I visited Rwanda & Tanzania between 15-Sep-2017 and 28-Sep-2017 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Our trip to Africa was a dream come true. It was better than I had anticipated. Staying at Lamai Serengeti was the highlight of our trip.

My husband and I do like to be active, so in retrospect 9 days of game drives was too much for us. Our backs were hurting us from inactivity. I, unfortunately, had not realized, that, of course, we wouldn't be doing much walking within our camps, due to the proximity of wildlife. We did do one walking safari, which was great. We had a second opportunity for a walking safari, but this was at Oliver's Camp where the tsetse flies were brutal, so we declined that opportunity.

As well, the drive down to the crater each day in Ngorogoro was not fun. Extremely bumpy and unbelievable dust. I guess in retrospect I should have asked more questions before we chose our camps. I am a "water girl" - we live on a lake and I am used to humidity, but not at all accustomed to extreme dry and dusty conditions. I just felt terrible the whole time I was at the crater.

Also, some days it was a little much to do a game drive upon arriving after a couple of flights. Travel days - in Africa, even though the flights were short, were tedious days as there was always a lot of waiting around. For instance, we would leave the camp at 8:30, perhaps an hour drive to the airport, then the flight wouldn't leave until 11am, etc.

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