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Travel reviews by Ms B. from Cambridge

My trip to Botswana

On this trip, I visited Botswana between 14-Aug-2019 and 29-Aug-2019 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


I have been to Africa 8 times, so have a pretty good idea what to expect. This trip, however, exceeded my expectations.

All three segments of the trip were great. It was our first time in both Botswana and on a mobile safari, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The only (mild) disappoint was how dry things were. We kept imagining how things would look with a normal amount of water. Looks like we'll have to come back again to experience it firsthand.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Thamalakane River Lodge, Botswana
14-Aug-2019 review: Thamalakane River Lodge review
Linyanti Ebony, Botswana
16-Aug-2019 review: Linyanti Ebony Review
Botswana Private Mobile Safari, Botswana
19-Aug-2019 review: Botswana Private Mobile Safari review
Gomoti Plains Camp, Botswana
26-Aug-2019 review: Gomoti Plains Camp review