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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs lion Southampton

Expert Africa triumph again

On this trip, I visited Tanzania between 26-Jun-2008 and 6-Jul-2008 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


We were very happy with the organisation and reality of the trip. Everything went smoothly and there were no snags. Timing for each section was good and at no stage did we have to rush to make a deadline. All staff that we dealt with throughout the holiday were efficient. Many were exceptionally friendly and made us very welcome.

Being a bit of an animal enthusiast, I do think it is important to stress that certain species are unlikely to be seen. I was disappointed to be told that certain species were not found in the locality of the camps despite assuming from comments in the guide that they were around ie Roan, Sable.

Having said that, there was plenty of game, and for safari newcomers, more than enough species to keep them happy.

Suggestions for improvement:
We have had two excellent trips with your company in the last two years. Both were competitively priced, superbly organised, and delived more than was promised. Ellie is a gem who updated us at every opportunity and who provided me with specific information on the two camps that we visited as she had been to both herself. Her level of knowledge was far higher than that we have experienced from reps of other companies and,as we have now been on safari eight times, we are really impressed.

Your website is the best around for imparting information and I like the visitors comments and general organisation that it contains.
Could I suggest that you update your info about cameras in the travel book you issue. More info about digital cameras, suitability for getting batteries charged, size of memory cards, dangers of heat and dust would help a lot of first time safari travellers.

In general though, carry on with your excellent work.

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