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Travel reviews by Harriet from USA

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My Feb 2023 trip

Tanzania and 1 other country between 27 Feb 2023 and 20 Mar 2023

Trip rating: Excellent
"I particularly appreciate how responsive Lyndsey was to rescheduling our entire itinerary when our first flight was delayed. It would have been awful to have to cancel this much anticipated special trip.

During the planning, however, there were a few frustrations: we had to request confirmation documents which were late in coming; we could have used assistance with the visa application; it was annoying that the Zanzibar health form still was there to be completed although no longer required; and it was annoying that the “wallet and book” weren’t sent timely and came only to me when my travel companion lives 2 hours away. We would have been fine with no expectation of this well intentioned gift that backfired. (The wallet may be handsome enough, but it’s so large that I wonder for whom it is practical given luggage restrictions. The book wasn’t actually useful. The one activity I tried to arrange based on the book— Spice farm and tour in Spice Town— no longer is operating. )"

Feedback response

We were very sorry to hear about the flight disruption faced by these travellers although pleased that we were able to resolve these issues swiftly and rearrange their arrangements accordingly so that they were able to maximise their time on safari.

We always send out all documentation around 4-6 weeks prior to travel, which includes a physical travel pack containing documentation and a travel guide. Sadly in this instance postal strikes lead to delays in these US travellers receiving their physical package. When we were made aware that this had not yet arrived we made arrangements for a Bradt travel guide to be sent to them from a US based store so that they would have this prior to travel. We are sorry to hear that they did not find the travel guide helpful, this edition of the Zanzibar Bradt guide was published in 2017, and sadly the operator who previously ran this Zanzibar excursion had folded during the pandemic. Fortunately we were able to arrange a comparable excursion for them via our local partners in Stone Town.

Arranged By Lyndsey Marris

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