Travel reviews

Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs W from Sedbergh

A well organised trip to a wonderful country

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 18-Jun-2009 and 3-Jul-2009 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


We felt Namibia was a wonderful country with very friendly and pleasant people everywhere we went. We just loved the countryside, the solitude and the wildlife.

Luckily Gwynneth suggested we upgrade from a basic car to a Nissan Xtrail. We would suggest that everyone does this as some of the roads (for example up to Corona Guest Farm) would have been challenging without the extra ground clearance.In addition there is no way that the camping gear we hired would have fitted into a small hatchback! Next time we would consider a full 4x4 as anyone who is in the least adventurous will find that even with the Xtrail there are a few places that are off-limits.

Camping gear was hired from Camping Hire Namibia in Windhoek. This was reasonably priced and included everything we needed but was rather shabby including horrible old plastic mugs.

We would thoroughly recommend our mix of a couple of camping nights followed by a luxury lodge - the best of both worlds!

We loved our first taste of Africa and would thoroughly recommend Expert Africa for their knowledge and experience.

Your information booklet sent to us on our booking was extremely informative and useful especially the tips on driving and car hire.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Kalahari Anib Lodge, Namibia
19-Jun-2009 review: good first night stop at Kalahari Anib Lodge
Hobas Camping
20-Jun-2009 review: Hobas campsite, ideal for Fish River Canyon
Eagle's Nest, Namibia
22-Jun-2009 review: Eagles nest is amazing setting but very wet!
Duwisib Castle Camping
23-Jun-2009 review: Beautiful campsite at Duwisib castle
Tok Tokkie Trails, Namibia
24-Jun-2009 review: Unmissable Tok Tokkie Trail
Sesriem Camping
26-Jun-2009 review: Sesriem campsite ideal for Sossuvslei
Barkhan Dune Retreat, Namibia
28-Jun-2009 review: Peaceful retreat in the unique Barchan Dune
Homeb Camping
30-Jun-2009 review: Solitude at Kreiss se Rus
Corona Guest Farm, Namibia
1-Jul-2009 review: Pampered at Corona guest farm