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Dik Dik Drive - Namibia

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 21-Jan-2010 and 2-Feb-2010 and I travelled alone.

Overall my trip experience was:


Trip was excellent. Thank you.

Expert Africa did a splendid job of arranging the Dik Dik self-drive trip with some itinerary modification which worked out well (day trip to Sandwich Harbour instead of kayaking in Walvis Bay lagoon, extra time in Swakopmund). As it turned out, the extra time in Swakopmund was a good thing because I was attached by a dog in the street requiring a visit to the police, a doctor, a pharmacy, the bank, etc.

Had I not had an extra day there, I'd not have seen Swakopmund -- an interesting and unusual place. That is not say that extra time should be built in to all itineraries to permit post dog-attack activities. As it turns out, there is no rabies in Namibia -- or at least not in Swakopmund district -- and the dog's owner paid my N$900 expenses.

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I should note that Angela Griffin also helped arrange this trip and she did an excellent job of it. Thanks.

Feedback response

It did require slightly more than two weeks to obtain initial response to my original booking inquiry made via the Expert Africa Web site in mid-December. I'm still not sure why, but once email contact was established, communication was quick, efficient and effective.

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