Liuwa Plain National Park

Map of Liuwa Plain National Park

Below is the only camp that has been open to the public in recent years in Liuwa Plain National Park - click on the blue marker, and follow the links to read more about this camp.

Things to see on this map of Liuwa Plain National Park

A zoomed out view of Liuwa Plains National Park gives an impression of the extensive plains that give this park its name. Zooming in reveals scattered waterholes and winding rivers where wildlife congregates to drink.

A detailed look at the map also shows the occasional shady tree-island providing some welcome relief from the sun in this otherwise open expanse.

It is on one of these, in the middle of the map, that Matamanene Camp is found. It is particularly noticeable for being the only blue marker visible, demonstrating the lack of any other camps for hundreds of miles. Leading out from the camp are a series of sand tracks, the only sign of human presence in the park. Robin Pope Safaris are currently not running their trips to the camp, but this situation is constantly changing so please get in contact with us if you are interested in visiting the area.

Click on the marker for more details on this remote camp.

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