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Gorilla Trekking Safari

Gorilla Trekking Safari

Reviews: Gorilla Trekking Safari

Below are independent comments from 45 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Pete & Nancy

"Gorilla Trekking Safari review"

Based at Bisate Lodge on 5 Feb 2022
"Our trek began at Volcanoes National Park headquarters where guides assigned groups of trekkers based on how long or difficult a trek each wanted to reach the mountain gorillas. We then drove with our private driver/guide through several villages to the edge of the forest to begin our trek. We were paired with only two other trekkers and accompanied by several guides.

We hired a porter to carry our camera backpack. She also took us across very muddy, wet or slippery parts of the trail, which was very helpful. We highly recommend hiring a porter.

Several trackers met us before we approached the mountain gorilla family. We took our cameras out of our backpack and left it with the porters. We proceeded with the guides and trackers to find the gorilla family.

We spent an hour (the time went by very quickly) with a family of 19 individuals including mothers, infants, juveniles and a big silverback. They were gentle and watched us with as much curiosity as we watched them. Several times we had to step away as curious youngsters got too close. It was a very moving experience.

The trackers helped clear the vegetation so we had a good view of the gorillas. We visited early in February 2022 and were required to wear a medical-grade or better mask before approaching the mountain gorillas. We also had to have a COVID test ahead of time. We were happy to do both the keep these beautiful animals safe.

We were treated to a cold drink by Sula, our driver guide from Primate Safaris at the end of our trek. The Tamarillo Triumph cocktail was prepared by the staff at Wilderness Safaris' Bisate Lodge. It was delicious and most welcome." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs D.
New York

"Gorilla Trekking Safari review"

Based at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge on 20 Oct 2021
"Gorilla trekking felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

All groups meet at the Volcanoes National Park headquarters where you're assigned a group and guide in the morning. You then drive to a starting point depending on where the gorilla family you're assigned to is. You receive a walking stick (highly recommended), hire a porter ($10+tip, optional), and are well on your way to find the gorillas. Our group of four got a private guide as no one else joined our group and we were assigned the Hirwa family, which meant lucky since the gorilla family had a set of twins.

It took us about 1.5 hours to reach the area where the gorillas were. Along the way, our guide, Jolie, taught us about the land, plants, and the people as you pass by villages and farms. The trek can get muddy so be prepared for that and gaiters are highly recommended. When we got to the area of the gorillas, our group was caught by surprise as the twin gorillas came rushing out of the bushes, playing with each other. A couple people in our group got pushed by the twins as they were playing so that gives you a sense of how close they can get. We also got to see the silverback male, the females, and a couple babies.

Overall, the trek was well-organized and fun. This was an amazing and unforgettable experience--one that we highly recommend." Read more about this whole safari
DeGoler Clan

"Gorilla Trekking Safari review"

Based at Bishop's House on 21 Jun 2021
"Our Gorilla Trek was outstanding.

Guides, Trackers, Porters all very kind and helpful and professional.

They did all they could to make the most of the experience for us and it was all that we hoped for." Read more about this whole safari

"Gorilla Trekking Safari review"

Based at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge on 8 Jun 2021
"Unfortgetabble experience !" Read more about this whole safari

"Gorilla Trekking Safari review"

Based at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge on 9 Jun 2021
Dr P

"If you can afford it just DO IT! "

Based at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge on 10 Feb 2020
So happy that I had booked 2 days trekking. Its totally worthy if you can afford it.
Be prepared for difficult treks and the elevation effects...but whatever you face you will relish the experience. A must once in a lifetime!" Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs L.

"Absolutely beautiful"

Based at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge on 9 Nov 2019
"It is impossible to put into words just how amazing it was to watch mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

We had the privilege to see gorillas of all ages up close, including silverbacks, young babies and their mothers.

I would urge anyone to go on this trek if they get the opportunity." Read more about this whole safari
Mr J & Mrs S

"Gorilla Trekking"

Based at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge on 21 Aug 2019
"This a once in a lifetime experience - we did it three times and each time i have never known an hour pass so quickly. Extremely well organised and the guides/trackers really inspire confidence while making sure you get the best out of your hour." Read more about this whole safari
Ms. K

"WONDERFUL Gorilla Trekking Safari review"

Based at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge on 8 Aug 2019
"TRIP OF A LIFETIME! This was such an amazing experience! My family visited the Igisha group and it was ABSOLUTELY wonderful! The family just became the largest group the week we were there, with 34 members. During the hour we were able to spend with the mountain gorillas we saw around 20 of them. The drive was one of the longer drives, but the views were stunning and gave us a great opportunity to see the countryside and the villages far out of the cities.

Once the trek started, the adventure continued. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable, the trackers were excellent and skilled, and the porters were incredibly helpful. Although I did not hire a porter, one stayed very close to me on the way down as the path was extremely slippery, and any time anyone needed an extra boost through the tight bamboo forest, a porter was right there to help!

The anticipation during the hike was an experience all on its own, and once we got close to the gorillas and heard them, the trip was 100% worth it, even without yet seeing the gorillas. The hour with these beautiful creatures flew by, and we could have spent the entire day with them! We watched the mountain gorillas eat, and were lucky enough for them to move into a clearing where we could watch the juveniles play and the adults nap the afternoon away. I don't think words can even begin to describe how amazing this experience was, and was worth every. single. penny.

SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!" Read more about this whole safari
Rusty Hudak

"Gorilla Trekking with Jolie"

Based at Mountain Gorilla View Lodge on 23 Jul 2019
"We had to hike extra long because the gorillas were moving uphill and away from us. But in a way that made the experience that much better. But people should be aware the hike may not be all that easy. There was no real path in some areas and it took close to 2 1/2 hours.

But Jolie, the Porters, Rangers -> all good!" Read more about this whole safari
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45 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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