Shamba Kilole

Shamba Kilole

6 rooms
Children would be fine here.
June to the end of Easter.

This Italian, owner-run eco-lodge on the east side of Mafia offers very pleasant, simple accommodation with excellent cooking and wonderful diving opportunities with the owner. Located in an old farming district of Mafia’s main eastern settlement of Utende, Shamba Kilole is set a little back from the coast in wooded grounds filled with birds.

Our view of Shamba Kilole

We very much enjoyed our stay at Shamba Kilole in 2016. The rural Italian-farm atmosphere is very appealing; their environmental credentials are good; and the owners are delightful company and very helpful. While the accommodation is too simple to appeal to luxury-seekers, and they have no immediate beach on their own property, this is the perfect spot for an affordable post-safari sojourn on Mafia, and the diving with Marco was memorable.

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