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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs K from Bucks

disappointing but with some highlights

On this trip, I visited Botswana & Zambia between 28-Apr-2012 and 12-May-2012 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Botswana was our 5th trip to Africa on safari holiday. We had very high expectations on the basis of outstanding previous experiences. But we returned very disappointed. There were few exciting moments and our memories, quite honestly, are of relative dullness. Our photos convey this; we have relatively few and those which we have are not as good as others taken on previous trips. The meerkats and vic falls were the exception but this was an extremely expensive way to see them!!

There was just no excitement. We were expecting the delta to be lush and teeming with wildlife but in reality it is just a series of islands interspersed with wet bits. We went all the way to Botswana and didn't even see a hippo! And we saw just one elephant in the water. You see more in Kenya! The country is also very flat and visually dull. Even the short flights are boring.

The guides are all very pleasant but come across as bored. Where is the enthusiasm?

It's hard to put it onto words without coming across as overly moany. We regret going, to be honest, as it is an expensive country (why???) and we could have had 4 good other holidays in place of this one. We won't be recommending Botswana to anyone.

This appears to be a country which is cleverly marketed but fails to deliver in reality.

Feedback response

We are really sorry indeed that these travellers didn't enjoy their trip as much as we would have hoped for. Clearly Botswana was a massive disappointment to them, and that is a real sadness for us.

It's always difficult to match and excel all of everyone's expectations but for a traveller to be disappointed by the country's landscape, its wildlife and even the short flights is exceedingly unusual. Taking one example: to stay for 5 nights at a combination of Kanana and Shinde and not to see a hippo, we'd also class as phenomenally unlucky.

The vast majority of our travellers really love their trips to Botswana as our Botswana feedback page shows; were only sorry that these travellers were clearly very unlucky in some ways and didn't.

There's a little consolation for us that there were some high points to their trip, including the meerkats; Victoria Falls; the pride of lions and elephant in camp at Kanana; and the leopard at Shinde.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Camp Kalahari, Botswana
29-Apr-2012 review: could be better
Tau Pan Camp, Botswana
2-May-2012 review: Great lodge but animals not great
Kanana, Botswana
4-May-2012 review: Good lodge and good animals
Shinde Camp, Botswana
6-May-2012 review: best of them all
Avani Victoria Falls, Zambia
9-May-2012 review: good location with extorbitant food prices