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Travel reviews by Devon Pollard from UK

Wonderful wildlife on a memorable trip

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 17-Aug-2007 and 29-Aug-2007 and I travelled with 3 other people.

Overall my trip experience was:


We enjoyed a brilliant trip during which we saw a huge variety of wildlife both in game parks/concessions and as we travelled between destinations.

In hindsight (and ignorance of the quality of some of the roads) we could have allowed either for a longer trip or less travelling on a daily basis - but, of course, funding also comes into the equation!

The people are friendly and welcoming, made easier for us because English is widely spoken. Even better for holiday makers from the UK is the fact that you also drive on the left!

We felt comfortable travelling with our daughter (12) and the maps provided were fine for enabling us to travel easily between stops. A nice touch was the marking of our route by Maruska.

Although it is clear, through speaking to a variety of people, that Namibia has come a long way since independence, there is still a marked contrast between rich and poor which served as a salutory lesson.

All in all, this has been a trip we will remember (aided by hundreds of photos) for a very long time.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Haus Sonneneck, Namibia
18-Aug-2007 review: A friendly welcome to Namibia
Sam's Giardino, Namibia
19-Aug-2007 review: Warm welcome from a genial host
Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, Namibia
21-Aug-2007 review: A scenic hideaway
Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia
22-Aug-2007 review: Ambition achieved - rhinos spotted!
Hobatere Lodge, Namibia
24-Aug-2007 review: Elephants outside the window!
Ongava Tented Camp, Namibia
25-Aug-2007 review: A porcupine joined us for tea!
Okonjima Bush Camp, Namibia
26-Aug-2007 review: Big cats and big comfort!