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Travel reviews by S. from Germany

Simbabwe VicFalls/Huangwe/ManaPools 11-2019

On this trip, I visited Zimbabwe between 10-Nov-2019 and 21-Nov-2019 and I travelled with 3 other people.

Overall my trip experience was:


Great safari experience throughout Zimbabwe in a luxurious Setting in diverse places. Great lodges and especially in view of current economic struggles of the Country a very professional infrastructure for national park tourism. While nature was suffering from the 2019 drought, nevertheless unique game viewing experiences.
Information on the Website of ExpertAfrica was very detailed and accurate, we planned our trip with Tom who was very helpful and knowledgable, we ended up with a trip that was everything (and more) we expected, highly recommended.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe
11-Nov-2019 review: Victoria Falls Hotel [Simbabwe 11-2019]
Somalisa Camp, Zimbabwe
13-Nov-2019 review: Somalisa Camp [11-2019]
Zambezi Expeditions, Zimbabwe
16-Nov-2019 review: Zambezi Expeditions [11-2019]
Nyamatusi Camp, Zimbabwe
18-Nov-2019 review: Nyamatusi Camp [11-2019]
Excursion Overall rating
Ra-Ikane River Cruise, Zimbabwe
12-Nov-2019 review: Ra-Ikane River Cruise review [11-2019]
Helicopter Flight - Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
12-Nov-2019 review: Helicopter Flight [11-2019]