Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge

8 pool rooms, 2 non-pool rooms, 1 family villa
Mature over-8s with supervision.
All year

Ol Donyo Lodge (formerly known as Ol Donyo Wuas), is located on the south-western flank of the volcanic Chyulu Hills, on the 1,000km2 Mbirikani Group Ranch, facing Kilimanjaro across the savannah. A safari lodge originally built in 1987 by bush pilot and conservationist Richard Bonham, it was transformed in 2008 into a designer safari base for horseriding, bush walking and game drives.

Our view of Ol Donyo Lodge

The spectacularly chic Ol Donyo Lodge is one of Kenya’s most outstanding bush lodges. We love the magnificent views, the real flair in the graceful, earthy design and the beauty and fascination of the environment. The lodge’s conservation work and their engagement with the local Maasai seem great – though we hope that they solve their water supply problem, as it is a fly in the otherwise excellent ointment.

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