Meru National Park

Safari holidays & tours to Meru National Park

Safaris that include Meru National Park are increasingly popular, even though the park as a whole is only visited by a tiny fraction of safari-goers. A glorious tract of verdant bush on the well-watered eastern side of Mount Kenya, Meru is cut through by numerous permanent streams and rivers, and features swamps and riverine woodland in its vegetation. Made famous as the region where the George and Joy Adamson released Elsa the lioness. Meru is now notable for having one of Kenya's foremost rhino sanctuaries, where black and white rhinos have bred successfully for many years. By staying at one of the few tented camps or lodges in the park, you can spend your safari watching the rhinos, pursuing the park's elephants, cheetahs, lions or handsome reticulated giraffe, or witnessing huge herds of buffalo trundling through the bush, all with no more than a handful of other visitors' vehicles in the area.

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Black Kite Fly-in Safari

Black Kite Fly-in Safari

| 11 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
Kenya’s remarkable diversity of ecosystems is one of its most outstanding features. This rewarding safari takes in three of the country’s most iconic regions. After a day at the lovely Emakoko in Nairobi National Park, you’ll spend three days exploring the little ... More about Black Kite Fly-in Safari
Peregrine Falcon Fly-In Safari

Peregrine Falcon Fly-In Safari

| 7 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
This 6-night, luxury safari includes two contrasting regions of Kenya – the remote Meru National Park, northeast of Mount Kenya and the Mara North Conservancy, bordering Maasai Mara National Reserve. Starting in Meru, you’ll explore the park’s lush stream margins ... More about Peregrine Falcon Fly-In Safari
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