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Hoodia Sossusvlei excursion

Hoodia Sossusvlei excursion

Reviews: Hoodia Sossusvlei excursion

Below are independent comments from 71 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Mr & Mrs C
Golden CO

"Beyond Compare"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 27 Jan 2020
"Knowledgeable guide that went above and beyond. Enjoyed getting out in the dunes, tracking scorpions, white spiders, etc. as well as climbing them.

We had our lunch spot all to ourselves. A lovely picnic lunch complete with tables, chairs, linens, and dishes as well as an oryx nearby. Fun to watch the weaver birds flit about in the tree.

At the end of lunch our guide poured out the water onto the log. The birds, a gecko and lots of beetles all came to drink. Fun to watch." Read more about this whole safari
Ms S.

"Hoodia Sossusvlei excursion review"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 15 Nov 2019
"Great guide.

Brilliant day out.

Fancy lunch for the middle of the desert," Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs OC

"Hoodia Sossusvlei excursion review "

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 14 Oct 2019
"The Sossusvlei excursion was absolutely brilliant.

Our guide Lucas was incredibly knowledgeable and we loved the fact that he deliberately took us away from the crowds to find quieter spots. The lunch and 'bar' was super, I think we were all slightly drunk by the time we got to the canyon in the afternoon (a lovely German man took charge of keeping everyone's glasses topped up during lunch) but we were all hugely enjoying ourselves." Read more about this whole safari

"A bucket list adventure"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 1 Oct 2019
"Our guide to Sossusvlei, Lucas, was extremely knowledgeable about the desert environment and also planned our day to minimize the crowds at the most popular attractions. He took us to a quiet location under Acacia trees where he rolled out a gourmet lunch with a variety of wine, even a basin for hand washing! Sitting with a glass of cold sparkling wine and watching the Oryx and Ostrich wander by will be a lasting memory.

Climbing the sand dunes are physically challenging and should be done early to minimize the heat. We were impressed that Lucas kept a close watch on how were faring and always has a plan B when the going got tough. We very pleased to have been in an air conditioned SUV rather than the open sided safari jeeps and trailer that is used by some lodges and the public transport system as the dust and heat was extraordinary.

Do not miss the opportunity to do the private sundowner cocktails on the mountain overlooking the lodge. Lucas also coordinated it. The private sundowner cocktails on the mountains were an decadent exceptional experience and will be our lasting pleasant memory of Namibia for many years to come." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs B.

"Wonderful Sossusvlei Excursion"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 15 Sep 2019
"We had an amazing small group tour to Sossusvlei in the company of our very knowledgeable guide Lucas. On the way we had a stop at the edge of the sand dunes where Lucas found a few small sand dwelling creatures (spider, scorpion etc.) for us to observe, which was very interesting and educational. He also explained about the formation of the dunes and the effect of ocean currents and winds.
Lucas proved a good leader in our walk over the dunes to Deadvlei and he suggested the right level of activity for our group to get the most out of our visit
Towards the end of the trip we stopped for lunch in the desert at a shaded rest stop. Although it was enjoyable, it took a long time and personally would have preferred to have lunch back at the lodge and then have time in the afternoon to relax and enjoy the lodge's facilities, such as the pool. Transportation on the excursion was very comfortable." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs C.

"Avery interesting day in the dunes"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 30 Aug 2019
"Our guide was very interesting and made the dunes come alive, showing us buried insects, the traces of snakes, and hares in the sand.

We had a great lunch laid in the shade and the trip went at the speed and capacities of the group." Read more about this whole safari
Eve& Reuben

"Hoodia Sossusvlei excursion review"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 26 Aug 2019
"A high point, indeed one of the many high points on our trip, was the “activity “ to visit the dunes at Sossusvlei. Not only were the dunes spectacular, our guide (whose name sadly escapes me) was extremely knowledgeable about the geology, the wildlife and the scanty history of the area. All of which he generously shared with us. On a human level, he rescued a family suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs BW
The Sands


Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 28 Jul 2019
"The trip to Sossusvlei was absolutely amazing.

It was surprising just how busy it was but the Hoodia team contrived to make it feel like we were the only people there. The thoughtfulness and planning that went into the day really did make it special. You got the sense that other lodges that perhaps have closer proximity feel they don't need to make the effort. I would recommend Hoodia as being THE team to take you on a trip to Sossus. Fascinating information about the geology/ fauna/ flora + going to deadvlei via the empty hidden vlei topped off with a wonderful lunch at Elim dune." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs E & family

"It's a must"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 11 Jul 2019
"This excursion benefits from being private, something you really appreciate when you witness the larger groups in buses i the park. The bespoke nature of the trip means you are in a vehicle which can access a much wider variety of places, out of range to the rest, and with a guide who can help you to discover the things you want to see.

Our guide, Ennos, tracked down side winder snakes and white widow spiders. We also saw Oryx and Social Weaver birds with their incredible nests. Ennos also know how to attract the other birds around Deadvlei by putting ice cubes on the ground which drews large crowds of sparrow and crow, thirsty for the melting ice. He created the most marvellous picnic for us under a tree.

Tables, chairs, portable handbasin and wine cooler - it felt more like 1919 rather than 2019." Read more about this whole safari
Dr and Mrs A

"Hoodia Sossusvlei excursion review"

Based at Hoodia Desert Lodge on 2 Jul 2019
"Gong into the park you do feel like you are on the tourist trail but our clever guide managed to minimise the feeling and we were able to get away from the crowds.

In fact we were on top of Big Daddy by ourselves and had a picnic with no one in sight. We all loved running down the dunes after the climb to the top.

Stunning scenery." Read more about this whole safari
Showing 41-50 of 71
71 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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