Private villas & houses in South Africa

South Africa's nicest private villas and camps

South Africa's Cape lends itself well to family and relaxed group trips. There are several lovely private houses and villas in South Africa for travellers. Most include a private chef and a private guide and vehicle for activities - so you can set your own schedule each day.

Ask us about the various options - but often families and small groups will drive themselves between just a few locations, staying in each for an extended stay. They're like having a home away from home, so beware: once you've spent time on one of these 'exclusive use' properties, you may find it difficult to go back to a normal lodge or hotel again.

Call us to discuss this type of trip and we can talk to you about these options in detail, as well as any obvious alternatives.

Our choice: the top 6 private villas & houses in South Africa's Cape