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Balloon Safari over the Serengeti

Balloon Safari over the Serengeti

Reviews: Balloon Safari over the Serengeti

Below are independent comments from 12 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Ms J.
Los Angeles

"Sunrise in the Serengeti"

Based at Dunia Camp on 10 Jun 2022
"What an experience to have a sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride over the Serengeti.

It was amazing seeing the landscape from the air and we saw a whole host of wildlife we probably wouldn't see from the ground - dozens of hippos lounging in the water and a cheetah mom with three cubs!

The champagne toast and full breakfast were icing on the cake." Read more about this whole safari
Prof & Ms M

"Balloon Safari over the Serengeti review"

Based at Lemala Mara-Ndutu on 7 Mar 2022
"Terrific trip. Flying along with the wildebeest migration for half an hour.
Spotted a big, male leopard -- a first even for our pilot, Barry.
Amazing experience." Read more about this whole safari
Mr J.
Atlantic Beach

"Balloon Safari over the Serengeti review"

Based at Lemala Mara-Ndutu on 24 Jul 2021
"Wonderful experience and very exciting.

The brunch was very fun as well." Read more about this whole safari

"This excursion was all we hoped it would be"

Based at Kubu Kubu on 16 Nov 2019
"An excellent experience and it turned out to be all we had hoped for.

We managed to catch some of the Wildebeest migration and rounded the whole experience with a first class breakfast." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs B.

"Great great excursion"

Based at Lamai Serengeti on 11 Oct 2019
"We didn't know what to expect and we loved it.
We felt safe, the English pilot was perfect, the story about champagne and balloon made the whole excursion even more interesting.
The breakfast was really nice at the end.
We would highly recommend it!" Read more about this whole safari
D & S

"Sliding with the wind"

Based at Kati Kati Camp on 28 Jun 2019
"An early morning start gave a little night drive en route to the balloon site: the occasional animal including a hippo crossing the road.
Interesting watching the preparation of the balloons - 6 of them! There were 14 passengers in our balloon, 3 or 4 in each compartment of the basket. It was entertaining to be lying on your back to start then being lifted upright by the balloon.

It was a lovely alternative view of the scenery, and a very pleasant gentle motion, surprisingly fast when you tried to take photos of a particular animal below. The animals did not like the sudden hiss of the gas being turned on: herd animals fled and lions sought shelter against bushes or each other. The gazelles were very impressively camouflaged.

The wind took us along the trajectory of a river - very interesting to see the foliage from above and all the hippos in the pools. We flew over a couple of prides of lions, one with a kill, and up to a tawny eagle on top of a tree - obviously a regular perch. It was fun to see an eagle from above.

When we landed there were hyenas just in front, running from us, and a large herd of zebra on the slopes of the hill in front.

The breakfast was welcome, though the champagne (supposedly "traditional") and colonial dress were rather weird and gratuitous." Read more about this whole safari
Lisa & hubs

"Beautiful way to see the Grumeti River"

Based at Kati Kati Camp on 19 Jun 2019
"They were very prompt on pickup and take-off, and very thorough on briefings. This was our first balloon ride, so we appreciated the detailed descriptions of how to handle take-off and landing.

The pilots were very professional, yet personable, and seem to truly enjoy interacting with the guests.

The champagne toast after landing was handled well and in a fun manner. "Proper" English breakfast was quite filling and tasty. We enjoyed the "Loo with a view"." Read more about this whole safari
Dr & Mrs P

"Balloon Safari over the Serengeti review"

Based at Alex Walker's Serian Serengeti on 13 Sep 2018
"Spectacular and peaceful way to see game as the sun rises over the Serengeti.

Drift low over the Mara river for about an hour before landing a having a bush breakfast by the river.

Requires early morning start but well worth it." Read more about this whole safari
Mr M
Sao Paulo

"Balloon Safari over the Serengeti review"

Based at Olakira on 28 Aug 2018
"well organized and very interesting by the different view of the region and animals
worth the experience" Read more about this whole safari

"Silent lift off"

Based at Namiri Plains Camp on 12 Oct 2016
"It was an early start to reach the balloon flight so the unusual drive in the dark was pitted with orange hyena eyes and following a strolling male lion. I felt that I had an experience before I got there.

The site of the 140 foot high yellow and green striped balloon, lifting from the ground with a team or engineers blasting fire and gas elements with the help of huge fans was exciting in itself. I arrived under an amazing starlit sky to be rewarded with a beautiful Serengeti sunrise.

I was a little anxious but being able to speak to the English pilot at length was wonderful. He was open and obviously loved what he did and was happy to share any technical and personal information that put me at rest.

This balloon company asks you to enter the basket whilst it is on its side, apparently this is unusual. Whatever the protocol, the take off was so smooth and magical. Apart from the odd blast of the gas burners it was as quiet as the dawn with a birds eye view of morning in the Serengeti. My photos are great considering I'm no photographer." Read more about this whole safari
Showing 1-10 of 12
12 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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