Lemala Mara-Ndutu

Lemala Mara-Ndutu

12 tents
Best for age 12+
June - March

Lemala Mara-Ndutu is a seasonal camp that moves twice in the year - Lemala Mara spends June through October in the northern Serengeti by the Mara River, before closing for two weeks in November and then re-opens as Lemala Ndutu in the southern Ndutu plains from December through March.

Our view of Lemala Mara-Ndutu

Lemala Mara-Ndutu is a good quality semi-permanent tented camp. Staying here will give you excellent access to the area of the Serengeti where the wildebeest migration should be at that time. The camp is comfortable, stylish and well run by friendly staff - and the communal dining aspect lends it a real bush-camp feel.

Video of Lemala Mara-Ndutu

This is a general movie about the Lemala Camps.
This is a remarkable movie about hippos saving first a baby wildbeest and then a baby zebra.
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