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Travel reviews by Mr B & Ms M from UK

My Jun 2013 trip

On this trip, I visited Zambia between 14-Jun-2013 and 29-Jun-2013 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Old Mondoro was definitely the highlight, followed by the two bush camps (Chicoko and Crocodile). The wildlife highlights were the elephants in camp at Old Mondoro, and the sighting of three honey badgers together on a game drive.

On completion of the holiday, in hindsight I believe we could have been better advised on a couple of points
1. The split of the days between the two parks, especially as we mentioned about water activities.
2. Kaingo - I didn't appreciate it was a serious photographic camp
and 3. There seemed a reluctance to book Flatdogs

The transfers from BA to Proflight was very tight, it took us absolutely ages to pass through immigration even though we had pre-purchased visas. In fact we had to ask if we could queue jump in order to ensure we got through on time.

Coming home the transfer was even tighter and thanks to one of the ground crew of the airport unofficially queue jumped two massive queues. We felt rather embarrassed, but without this I doubt we would have caught the BA flight to LHR.

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