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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs T from Victoria

My Sep 2013 trip

On this trip, I visited Tanzania, Zambia & Zanzibar between 5-Sep-2013 and 26-Sep-2013 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Great varied holiday.

For a month long holiday there was only one minor one hiccup so that's pretty good. The Wild Horizons road transport from Zambezi Sun to Livingstone Airport didn't turn up. They then didn't answer any of the contact numbers incl their emergency mobile so that is probably more of a concern. No problem we just got the hotel to order us a taxi. A Wild Horizons rep finally called the hotel & said their vehichle wouldn't start that morning & they had another vehicle on the way. We said that given the time we were now taking whatever turned up first (which was the taxi). To their credit Wild Horizans must have contacted the taxi driver and told him to return the fare to us.

Proably the only thing we would have changed on the holiday was to sway Tafika camp in Sth Luangwa NP for one that was on a perennial river with watersports such as canoeing (eg Lower Zambezi NP)

Maruska was extremely helpful with planning our trip and very responsive to our questions .. thanks Maruska

PS: We don't normally have our trips organised by a travel agent and only initially contacted Expert Afrika for the Busanga & Tafika bookings .. but then Maruska offered to book most of the other accn & transfers & that's what happened. Very unusual for us to have transfer cars waiting at an airport etc with our name on a card & we don't see much of an advantage over just getting a bus/taxi .. but i can see that some folks would love the certainty of transport waiting for them

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I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Pioneer Camp, Zambia
5-Sep-2013 review: Very uninteresting place to spend a night
Busanga Bushcamp, Zambia
6-Sep-2013 review: Excellent camp
Avani Victoria Falls, Zambia
10-Sep-2013 review: Very ordinary hotel
Tafika, Zambia
12-Sep-2013 review: Good camp but it was not what we expected
Own arrangements on TAZARA Railway
17-Sep-2013 review: The Fawlty Towers of trains
Southern Sun Dar, Tanzania
19-Sep-2013 review: Southern Sun Dar review
Zanzibar Coffee House, Zanzibar
20-Sep-2013 review: Interesting place
Own arrangements at Chapwani Island, Zanzibar
23-Sep-2013 review: A 'minimalist' resort