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Travel reviews by Mr G B & Ms F S from UK

My Aug 2014 trip

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 15-Aug-2014 and 30-Aug-2014 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


It was a fantastic trip. We didn't have time to do much research while planning the trip. We described what we wanted and trusted the advice given on what we should do. It was good advice, the trip turned out great and very much what we wanted to do.

Fair distances to travel, which gave an experience of the country. The accomodation certainly met expectations, and in most cases far exceeded what we expected. A beautiful country with lovely friendly people. (Most people in the UK don't even know where it is!).

I am now curious about other places in Namibia and Africa to explore.

Thanks for organising a lovely journey.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Elegant Guesthouse, Namibia
15-Aug-2014 review: Elegant Guesthouse review
BullsPort Lodge & Farm, Namibia
16-Aug-2014 review: Bullsport Guest Farm review
Kulala Desert Lodge, Namibia
18-Aug-2014 review: Kulala Desert Lodge review
Barkhan Dune Retreat, Namibia
19-Aug-2014 review: Barchan Dune Retreat review
Central Guest House, Namibia (this camp has since closed)
20-Aug-2014 review: Central Guest House review
Doro Nawas, Namibia
22-Aug-2014 review: Doro Nawas review
Okaukuejo Camp, Namibia
24-Aug-2014 review: Okaukuejo Camp review
Mushara Bush Camp, Namibia
26-Aug-2014 review: Mushara Bush Camp review
Erongo Wilderness Lodge, Namibia
28-Aug-2014 review: Erongo Wilderness Lodge review
Villa Violet, Namibia
29-Aug-2014 review: Villa Violet review