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Travel reviews by Ms B from Grapevine

My Jan 2017 trip

On this trip, I visited Kenya between 22-Jan-2017 and 5-Feb-2017 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


One of the concerns before starting this trip was that expectations were high and we may be disappointed. That did not happen; the trip exceeded all expectations. The camps and hotels we stayed were fabulous with very welcoming staff who genuinely seemed to care that our stay was more than just being satisfactory. They each had their appeal and purpose and we could not have ask for anything more. The safaris were all great; we are glad we did the conservancies after to talking to other travellers and the guides at every location were top notch. The initial wish list of places to visit was too extensive for a 2 week trip, and the scope had to be decreased. But I am very happy with the places we finally settled on and look forward to seeing more of Kenya (and Africa) in the future.

I cannot say enough about how well logistically everything went and attribute that to Richard at Expert Africa who made the arrangements. I always expect something to go wrong when traveling; it is just the nature of the beast. But I have never had any trip go as smoothly as this one did. We were picked up/dropped off as expected; flights went well; the activities went off with a hitch and were so much fun; and our preferences for food and lodging were always met by the camps. It was a flawless vacation.

We plan on returning to Africa in the future and will return to Expert Africa to help with these plans.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

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Mount Kenya Safari Club
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Balloon flight over the Mara, Kenya
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