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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs Aardvark from uk

Second visit but not the last

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 10-Oct-2007 and 28-Oct-2007 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Overall, the trip was excellent. Camps are all different in style but up to a point that is fun and interesting. Inevitably, some aspects don't meet one's personal ideal but only at Waterberg did I hear another guest volunteer any criticism (of the dim religious lighting!). Guides and availability of game also varied but every site produced enough new species and sights to keep our interest up. Total 30 mammals and 152 bird species.

As our first trip had been with a small group from the UK travelling with CCAfrica, we had not realised that Brits are only 7% of the tourists, the great majority being German, tho we also met Italians and French. Everyone was excellent company and this was itself a significant part of the pleasure and success of the trip.

Driving entalied some long hot days but was not tiring compared with the M25, say. We helped one Damara family whose old car had died by taking them to the Uis township to find a man with a functioning battery and gave a lift to another lady going to visit her man in Reheboth hospital and, when I had to change a wheel, sure enough the next person along stopped to help. Again, nice parts of the experience.

One policeman at a roadblock tried to extort a small fine but waved us on when I produced pen and paper!

We would happily go back soon but the world is a big place, life is short and money is never enough. However, perhaps in a year or two.....

I stayed at and have reviewed:

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Waterberg Wilderness Lodge, Namibia
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Eagle Tented Camp, Namibia (this camp has since closed)
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Etendeka Mountain Camp, Namibia
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Damaraland Camp, Namibia
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The Stiltz, Namibia
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Zebra River Lodge, Namibia
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Eningu Clayhouse, Namibia
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Excursion Overall rating
Dolphin and seal cruise, Namibia
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Coast and Sandwich Harbour, Namibia
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