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Dolphin and seal cruise

Dolphin and seal cruise

Reviews: Dolphin and seal cruise

Below are independent comments from 11 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Miss K & Mr G


Based at Cornerstone Guesthouse on 18 Oct 2020
"We really loved this. A bunch of pelicans and a few fur seals came and joined us on the boat as well as some kelp gulls. A pod of bottlenose dolphins gave us a fantastic show and then later on we also saw some Heavyside dolphins. We also saw lots of fur seals in the water and the seal colonies at Pelican Point, as well as lots of other sea birds.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better a humpback whale showed up. They also plied us with alcohol (including a great local sherry) and gave us a fabulous lunch complete with oysters (which were fabulous). I got to feed a young fur seal some fish!!!

We did both this and the kayaking and we both agreed that we preferred the boat cruise. That is partly because we both love taking photos, and it was much easier to do this from a boat than a kayak, but also because we got much closer to all the wildlife (except the flamingos) on the boat than we did from the kayaks." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs & Mr B

"Dolphin and seal cruise review"

Based at Cornerstone Guesthouse on 20 Jun 2019
"A fun trip, we were lucky with the weather. Great staff on boat" Read more about this whole safari
The E family

"Walvis Bay Dolphin Cruise"

Based at Cornerstone Guesthouse on 19 Jul 2017
"Very enjoyable cruise with very close encounters with pelicans and seals. Very good food with plenty of variety and regular drinks offered." Read more about this whole safari
Mr T & Mrs H

"Surprises on boat trip!"

Based at Cornerstone Guesthouse on 11 Sep 2016
"A good trip, though very cold.
Did feel that maybe blankets could have been provided..
We were kept waiting an hour before boarding
The sealion and pelicans on board provided entertainment!!" Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs P

"Super marine cruise"

Based at The Stiltz on 19 Jan 2014
"Only problem was that we had not been told which company we were sailing with as there are quite a few leaving from the same location! However once sorted out all went well.

Gentle sail on the catamaran with surprise guests - seal, pelicans, jelly fish. Lots of noisy seals and a few penguins. Good commentary. Lunch was super - too much to eat and beautifully presented and managed.

A recommended trip" Read more about this whole safari
Miss T & Mr B

"good commentary and wildlife knowledge"

12 Sep 2010
"Lovely trip,great skipper, good views of wildlife and information sharing.
Wonderful lunch !!" Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs L

"Harbour cruise"

Based at Villa Margherita on 27 Jul 2009
"Again the bad weather prevented us going out for very long, this time it was the fog in Walvis Bay.
It was perhaps very touristy but none the less we saw the Benguela Dolphin but did not stay all that long at the seal colony cause of weather" Read more about this whole safari
Mr G & Mrs M

"Sitting with seals in Walvis Bay"

Based at The Stiltz on 18 Dec 2008
"Graham went on this trip alone as I get horribly seasick. He thoroughly enjoyed it and has a terrific photo of him sitting beside one of the seals that climb on board and fraternise with the passengers. Food and refreshments were excellent and it was a very worthwhile trip run by a very professional and "green" company, Mola Mola." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs W-J

"Seals ahoy!"

Based at Cornerstone Guesthouse on 9 Jan 2009
"A thoroughly enjoyable morning. Seals on the boat were great fun - especially when one decided to sit on Martin's lap! The highlights for us however were the pelicans flying alongside the boat and Fritz the cormorant perching on the rail, allowing us to see just how beautiful he was.

An entire separate platter of food had been prepared for me to take my cheese allergy into account - many thanks to Mola Mola for their thoughtfulness. Throughout the trip the quality of food and drink available was excellent." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Ms Rockjumper

"Dolphin and seal cruise"

Based at Lagoon Lodge on 16 Feb 2008
"This tour is aimed at the wider market - there is a core of tourists staying in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. It did however guarantee that you sawe lots of interesting things, even if the other passengers were not keenly interested in wildlife. We saw seals, two kinds of dolphin, pelicans and other birds, and had a good journey around and out of Walvis Bay.

The trip left at around 09.30 and there was a (longish) stop for lunch and champagne at around 11.30 - which we could have done without. However, it seems that all harbour cruises offer the same thing." Read more about this whole safari
Showing 1-10 of 11
11 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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