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Travel reviews by Cape turtle doves from UK

My Nov 2007 trip

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 14-Nov-2007 and 2-Dec-2007 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


We are glad that we went and most of it we enjoyed but as you have probably guessed 2500 kms of gravel roads in 18 days is just too much. The long distances, the gravel roads, the lack of mobile phone coverage and the sense of isolation did give some cause for concern.

We did it - and that gives considerable satisfaction and a real sense of fulfilment, but next time? Give me a Toyota Land Cruiser!!

The clients need to be more fully informed about the roads, the distances and the general isolation experienced. For those people whose only experience of long distance travel is the M4 to Birmingham the roads of Namibia come as a bit of a shock.

Apart from that, it was a holiday of real treats and delights.

Feedback response

We often suggest to travellers that they moderate the routes they plan in Namibia. It’s a big country, and most people under-estimate the driving times and distances, and that’s why we state these so clearly in our brochure.

Many of Namibia’s roads are gravel; different people react to these in different ways. Most travellers take them in their stride – going gently (80kph at a maximum!) and appreciating the amazing scenery that is so much a part of these holidays – but a few do have difficulty in adjusting to such long roads.

This traveller’s quite right; driving in Namibia is not like driving in the UK. The distances are much larger, many roads are gravel, and there’s very little traffic. For those who enjoy the journey, travel here can be a real pleasure.

However, if you’re thinking about a trip to Namibia and you don’t like driving, then do consider our fly-in and small group guided trips, rather than a self-drive.

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