Northern Zambia

Google map of Northern Zambia

This map shows the Northern part of Zambia, and the camps and lodges that we feature here. Read more about them by clicking the blue markers, and follow the links in the bubbles to read more details and reviews, or for a closer view.

Things to see on this map of Northern Zambia

In the centre of the map is Kasanka National Park. Although this is one of the smaller national parks in Zambia it is still incredibly diverse. A close look at the area shows a mosaic of habitat types with areas of miombo woodland, floodplains, and riverine bushveld. Clearly marked within the park are Luwambwa Lodge, perched on the bank of the Luwambwa River, and Wasa Lodge located on the northern edge of Wasa Lake.

The darker patch to the north of Kasanka National Park are the Bangweulu Wetlands. This expansive area of swamps and grasslands floods every year during the rains, resulting in its dark green appearance. The blue peg on the edge of these floodplains marks Shoebill Island Camp. The map also shows the camp surrounded by rivers and wetlands, demonstrating why it can often be necessary to reach this camp via boat.

Located to the east of Kasanka, on the edge of the Muchinga Escarpment, is Mutinondo Wilderness. A close look at this private reserve shows the surrounding landscape to be dominated by dense woodlands, rivers and smooth granite hills known as whalebacks.

Further north Shiwa Ng’andu Manor House is found just above Lake Ishiba Ng’andu. The neat fields and paddocks that make up this vast estate, and provide much of the food eaten whilst staying here, can easily be seen on the map.

In the far north-western corner of Zambia you can find a brown peg identifying the source of the Zambezi, and a blue peg marking Nchila Reserve. The international borders seen nearby to this reserve are those of Angola and the DRC, which lends Nchila its unique birdlife.

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