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The annual wildebeest migration making a crossing in the Maasai Mara.

Canoeing in the Lower Zambezi: there's big game on the Zambian and Zimbabwean banks of the river.

A balloon in the still air of dawn, taking off over the Namib Desert.

A traditional hunting party sets off across the Kalahari just after the rains

A herd of Elephant roams the plains Arusha at the boot of Mount Meru.

Cape Town spreads around the feet of Table Mountain

A dip in the turquoise waters around Vamizi Island, Mozambique


Africa: Reviews from our travellers

Latest news: unedited reviews from Expert Africa's most recent travellers

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Ms H
Maida Vale

"Another wonderful trip to Africa"

I visited Kenya between 25 Oct 2020 and 4 Nov 2020
"Africa - and in this case - Kenya is open and in need of international tourists.

A bit more planning is necessary, and you will need to have a Covid test but the minute you land at JKIA your heart will soar.

Just go. You won’t regret it." Read full review: 10 nights in Africa; 9 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs C

"Mbili wasafiri bomba!"

I visited Tanzania between 25 Oct 2020 and 11 Nov 2020
"This 16-night safari was arranged at short notice after we had to defer a planned trip to Zambia. We chose Tanzania for a third visit because there were good flights available and the country has fewest (Covid-19) restrictions for visitors among African countries.

On Olivia's advice we went to Tarangire for the first time: we loved the scenery and were astounded by the numbers of elephants. The prospect of fewer visitors being around also lured us to the Serengeti and we witnessed the mind-blowing spectacle of 10,000 wildebeest galloping majestically across the Mara.

There is normal life out there beyond the Covid black hole known as the UK. In Tanzania day-to-day interactions with other human beings are, well, normal. Simple practical precautions are in place like hand sanitising and masks on the small bush planes.

The welcome we received without exception was tremendous but we were just so pleased to be there and were privileged to have magical wildlife encounters with no-one else around and see a couple of great migration river crossings with a handful of other people present. Truly a once (although it was twice!) in a lifetime experience.

All this added up to a very special adventure tempered somewhat by the fact that many camps remain closed with those still open operating on reduced staff. We only hope common sense prevails over hysteria with so many people's lives in other parts of the world so drastically affected. Not just the humans but the wildlife too.

If anyone out there wants to go on safari there has never been a better time. The people of Tanzania will really appreciate you making the effort." Read full review: 17 nights in Africa; 16 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Mr J

"Our trip to Zambia."

I visited Zambia between 21 Oct 2020 and 12 Nov 2020
"This was one of the most enjoyable trips to Africa over the last 12 years.

Everything went smoothly from beginning to end in spite of having to re-arrange the itinerary numerous times due to factors out of our control. The fact that we managed to go at all was a miracle.

In fact I told Maruska that her name in English meant miracle worker because that was what she did. Perform a miracle." Read full review: 22 nights in Africa; 20 on a Zambia safari
Overall trip
Mr M

"Brilliant Conservancy Experience"

I visited Kenya between 18 Oct 2020 and 29 Oct 2020
"Why go to the National Reserve when you can do all of this with these terrific people in a spectacular natural setting, with true freedom to roam?" Read full review: 11 nights in Africa; 10 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Ms G

"Zambia during Covid-19"

I visited Zambia between 16 Oct 2020 and 27 Oct 2020
"I travel to Africa a few times a year.

I waited all summer for this pandemic to abate. It was just not happening! One day, feeling a mixture of bravery and self pity, I called Claire. "I know this is short notice, but I need to get to Africa". We looked at a few options and came up with a modest, do-able itinerary. I booked the flights, got a Covid-test and was on my way.

I travelled 24 hours to get to Zambia and more than 34 hours to get home. Overall, I had a great trip. I couldn't have felt safer and more welcome. Few tourists, lots of game, friendly and accommodating hosts.

I would do it again in a heartbeat, and probably will!" Read full review: 11 nights in Africa; 9 on a Zambia safari
Overall trip

"Excellent vacation"

I visited Zanzibar and 1 other country between 16 Oct 2020 and 30 Oct 2020
"Everything went very well, it was exactly the kind of experience we were looking for and the children had a blast." Read full review: 14 nights in Africa; 8 on a Zanzibar holiday
Overall trip
Miss K & Mr G

"Our October 2020 holiday to Namibia"

I visited Namibia between 15 Oct 2020 and 1 Nov 2020
"We had a fantastic holiday. It was so good to be able to escape the UK for a bit.

Sabina was incredibly helpful and we had a lot of last minute changes due to covid restrictions and various flights been cancelled and a couple of our original places to stay were closed. She dealt with it all in a very professional and helpful way, always getting back to us really quickly and making sure we were up to date with all the latest information.

We felt completely safe the whole time we were on our holiday, and Namibia is clearly dealing with Covid much better than we are back in the UK." Read full review: 17 nights in Africa; 18 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Miss P

"Great trip to Kenya"

I visited Kenya between 26 Sep 2020 and 10 Oct 2020
"This trip was organised last minute to replace cancelled trips to Zambia.

I picked Kenya due to direct flights and because I saw an opportunity to catch the wild dog pack at Laikipia Wilderness with their puppies fresh out of the den. I knew Laikipia Wilderness could be accessed by road transfer, so I could be picked up straight from the airport. It was a good decision to avoid internal flights - it seems they are subject to cancellations if passenger numbers are low- another couple I met had their flight to Amboseli cancelled. Overall, everything went smoothly and it was a relief to be back in the bush.

The trip was a massive success in terms of finding the dogs with their puppies, and the pandemic has provided me with an opportunity to travel at a time of year that would usually be out of my budget, especially as a solo traveler with single supplements to contend with (all waived now due to so few travelers).

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a safari in Kenya to anyone who wants to travel at the moment - it's the ultimate "socially distanced" holiday and Kenya is easy to get to from the UK and the testing requirements for entry to Kenya provide some peace of mind that all passengers on the flight should have a negative test." Read full review: 14 nights in Africa; 13 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mrs M & Mr D

"Zambia during Covid 19 times"

I visited Zambia between 25 Sep 2020 and 10 Oct 2020
"We are extremely pleased to confirm that travelling under COVID is not only possible, but in fact 200% worth-while with Expert Africa one's side ! Travelling during Covid might require a bit flexibility, but it definitely pays-off in many ways:
- Supporting conservation, lodges & locals
- Experiencing parks/camps in a very exclusive & distinguished manner
- Being pampered & appreciated
- Getting a bit of distance from the news at home

We also like to emphasize that all camps did make a tremendous effort to make our stay as convenient and as safe as possible. This included wearing face masks, using sanitizers, respecting social distancing, 24h room vacancy prior to new guests arriving, 10 day staff quarantine prior service. So all together not any different of what you would expect at home in order to feel safe !." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 11 on a Zambia safari
Overall trip
Mr G

"My Aug 2020 trip"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 22 Aug 2020 and 19 Sep 2020
"Maruska put together a trip in 3 days and did an exceptional job. We had enormous fun and everything was private as there were very few tourists.....I highly recommend you plan a trip soon....can you imagine walking 80k in the Serengeti and never seeing another tourist or hearing a car.....go now and I promise an incredible experience." Read full review: 28 nights in Africa; 12 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Showing 31-40 of 4908
4908 Africa reviews by travellers since August 2007
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