Manta Resort

Underwater Room

The Swedish-designed Underwater Room at Manta is one of the most unique rooms we feature at Expert Africa. A private, three-storey structure anchored 250m offshore, it is currently the only one in the world and is an amazing feat of engineering.

The underwater room is set in an area known as the ‘blue hole’, which is surrounded by a shallow coral reef. This area is home to an abundance of marine life and offers some great snorkelling opportunities directly from the room.

Above the water, the landing deck houses the lounge and bathroom. In the lounge, a U-shaped sofa is scattered with blue and cream cushions, with a wooden table at its centre where meals can be taken, and with a fantastic view of the sunset. A wooden cabinet houses a well-stocked minibar.

The bathroom features an eco-friendly marine toilet, a small sink, and a freshwater shower. To protect the delicate coral reef, shampoo and chemical products are not allowed in the underwater room but biodegradable toiletries are provided.

Up a set of wooden stairs is the top deck where a large daybed works by day for sunbathing and by night for stargazing.

But the real attraction of this room lies three meters below the surface. Reached by a small staircase, a suspended bedroom offers 360-degree views through the glass into the ocean. The room itself is reasonably small, just big enough for a double bed, but its size actually helps you to feel completely immersed in the underwater world. During the day the room attracts a wide variety of reef species including Moorish idol, parrotfish, sergeant majors, red cornetfish, trumpetfish, and a resident school of batfish. After dark, spotlights allow the fish spotting to continue; schools of trevally dart around eating microscopic plankton and on our most recent stay we were even joined by a large barracuda outside our window!

To help identify your companions, there are a couple of fish ID books on a small table –and a mobile phone preprogrammed with numbers for emergency use. The four anchors used to secure the room act as an artificial reef, and provide protection from larger predators.

The Underwater Room is not cheap, but spending a night here is a truly incredible experience, and one that you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

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