Selous Mbuyu Camp

Selous Mbuyu Camp

16 rooms
12 +
Open June 1st – 31st March

Selous Mbuyu is a tented camp situated on the bank of one of the Rufiji Rivers tributaries. Mbuyu (Swahili for Baobab) Camp is sited in a prime game viewing area within the Selous Game Reserve. Selous Safari Camp previously used the site before they re-located in 1997. The site remained unused for many years before Eclipse hotels, an international hotel chain, turned it back into a safari camp in 2006. Since then the Selous Mbuyu team have put a huge amount of time and effort into turning the camp the Selous Mbuyu Camp that we find today.

Our view of Selous Mbuyu Camp

On one hand Selous Mbuyu Camp is great - it's laid back, in a fantastic location, and excellent value for money. However various external influences have confused the identity of the camp somewhat. Selous Mbuyu seems to be in a period of transition from an international style hotel to small boutique bush camp and the result is that it's not really one or the other. Aspects of the camp are inherently African and feel part of the bush; but there are also elements that feel estranged from its surroundings.

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