Mdonya Old River Camp

Mdonya Old River Camp

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1st June to 29th March

Set in acacia woodland in the heart of Ruaha National Park, Mdonya Old River Camp was designed with a conscious desire to remain simple, and keep within its surroundings. It makes no apologies for sticking to safari basics – in fact it rather revels in the idea – and this results in a camp with a clear focus where you always know you're on safari and out in the wilds.

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Many camps that offer high levels of luxury can feel quite detached from the bush, but the simple Mdonya Old River Camp feels closely connected with its surroundings – and the game that walks through seems to feel the same! The natural theme that is key to the camp's charm and character is augmented by a fun and attentive team who, on our last visit in 2018, did their best to ensure that every guest enjoyed their stay.

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Mdonya Old River Camp: Traveller ratings

Excellent(92%) From 118 travellers

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Great video about Mdonya Old River Camp with great scenes of the wildlife and the camp itself
Short video showing the arrival at Mdonya Old River Lodge and the lodges facilities.

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