Ruaha River Lodge

Ruaha River Lodge

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Situated in a fantastic location right on the river, Ruaha River Lodge is the oldest lodge in Ruaha National Park. Unpretentious and relaxed, it is owned and run by the Fox family, and is well suited for those on a tighter budget. Although the lodge is relatively large, the atmosphere is more personal than you might expect, with very engaged management and friendly service.

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Ruaha River Lodge is an attractive lodge that feels very natural, and given its size it manages to remain quite personal and in touch with its surroundings. Elephants are often in the valley, very close to the lodge, and smaller animals are seen around the lodge grounds all the time. Were it not for the location and very good staff-management ambiance, this lodge would have much less appeal. But if you're looking for a permanent lodge with a decent level of comfort, great views and a moderate price tag, this is a good choice.

Ruaha River Lodge: Traveller ratings

Excellent(92%) From 12 travellers

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