Mwagusi Safari Camp

Mwagusi Safari Camp

13 bandas (tented rooms)
Traveller's rating
Excellent (96%) From 103 reviews
25th May to 31st March

Set on the banks of the seasonal Mwagusi River, Mwagusi Camp is smart and very comfortable, yet rustic in feel. It has been operating in Ruaha National Park for well over a decade. As a result, the game drawn to the river and in the surrounding area is well habituated. That Mwagusi is owner-run is something of a rarity in Tanzania these days. Its owner and usual host is the charismatic Chris Fox who was born in Tanzania and is passionate about Africa, the park and wildlife.

Our view of Mwagusi Safari Camp

We can see why Mwagusi continues to be popular. Judging by our last visit, in 2016, it is still one of Ruaha's best camps. Despite being a little quirky, it feels both homely and welcoming: the antitheses of a stilted lodge created by professional architects and designers. Mwagusi's service is brilliant and the guiding very competent, resulting in a fantastic game-viewing experience. Mwagusi is not expensive compared with Tanzania's other top camps, but it does cost a little more than some of the alternatives in Ruaha. We think that it's worth it.

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Mwagusi Safari Camp: Traveller ratings

Excellent(96%) From 103 travellers

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Mwagusi Safari Camp

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