Little Chem Chem

Little Chem Chem

6 tents
Best for 12+
June to March

Little Chem Chem is situated in the eastern part of the 200 km² Chem Chem Concession which has protected an important wildlife corridor adjoining Tanzania's Tarangire National Park. The area is dotted with baobab trees and overlooks Lake Burunge. Guests can experience a variety of safari activities here, including game drives, walking and night drives.

Our view of Little Chem Chem

Little Chem Chem is a good option for those seeking a relaxing safari, perhaps at the beginning or end of a trip. While it doesn’t have the very high quantities of wildlife that can be experienced elsewhere, the high levels of luxury and excellent service make for a wonderfully pampered stay, with the bonus of wildlife experiences.

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