Chem Chem

Chem Chem

8 tented rooms
Best for 12+
June to March

Chem Chem, meaning 'spring' in Swahili, was opened in June 2011 by Swiss/French couple Fabia Bausch and Nicolas Negre. Fabia has a business background; Nicolas was formerly a professional hunter in the Selous. A luxury tented lodge, it's set in its own 40km2 concession - Bungi Wildlife Management area - with beautiful views of the Rift Valley's western escarpment, and is situated such that you can explore both Tarangire National Park (40 minutes drive to the main gate) and Lake Manyara National Park (90 minutes to the north gate, and two hours to the south gate).

Our view of Chem Chem

Chem Chem is a peaceful, stylish and laid-back lodge, with very friendly service and great food. It's not a lodge for hardcore safari enthusiasts though…although only 40 minutes from the Tarangire gate, your safari time here will be mainly restricted to the busier northern section; and the drive to the Lake Manyara gates is longer than some other alternatives in the region. Instead it would be better suited to those who want to relax and enjoy the lodge's surroundings, and take advantage of the activities the concession has to offer. It is also at the top end of the price range, so only for those with larger budgets.

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