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Travel reviews by Ms D & Mr C from Stockport

Feedback to Expert Africa

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 12-Sep-2008 and 29-Sep-2008 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


The trip was really really great. Tracy was really helpful whenever I phoned and asked for help, she was also always really pleasant and friendly and lovely!

However I do feel that you as a company could give more tips - i.e I asked about what shoes to wear and If i hadn't I would not have taken my walking shoes which I wore 90% of the time _ this is invaluable info. I also asked about hairdryers and washing - invaluable. It would also have been nice to have know how safe it is to pick up travellers or to know about areas to visit on the way. ON the way to MOwani there are loads of villargers on the side of the roads selling there wares, you could visit the Brandenberg mountains _ I feel that because you gave us the Brandt book you thought it was ok but we are such busy people we cannot read the whole book before we go.. a few tips would have been nice and would have made the difference.
I do not understand why we were put in Kulala Lodge as it really didn't fit our spec and we were really disappointed with Swakopmund, we did not feel safe and it was pretty awful really!

Whenever I asked for help and advice Tracy and Sabina in Tracy's absence was great but you could have just made all the difference by adding those bits to your notes for travellers - also bits like how much to tips your guides, how much to tip petrol attendants when they wash your windows or car park attendants etc.

WE did have a wonderful wonderful holiday though so great great thanks to Tracey for organising it all so well.

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