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Travel reviews by Sitatungas from Sterling

My Jun 2008 trip

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 19-Jun-2008 and 8-Jul-2008 and I travelled with 4 other people.

Overall my trip experience was:


'Very satisfactory' seems a weak description for an outstanding holiday experience. Not only is Namibia quite unique scenically, it boasts great variety: from the Namib sand desert to the mountains of Damaraland and Erongo; from the skeleton coast to Etosha pan. You have to work for these rewards if you drive, but every km is worth the effort (those who fly in must miss a great deal), and driving the great desert spaces is part of the experience.

The wildlife is also so impressive, partly because you see a lot by passing through the country, but Etosha was 'on show' for us, with magnificent congregations of elephants, zebra and antelope, plus abundant rhino, jackall, and hyena and vists from giraffe - more often seen away from the waterholes. Four female lions and an encounter with a black rhino at close quarters capped our experiences.

The Namibian people we met were friendly and always competent. Most of the guides we met were very knowledgeable and gave good value.

We ate well and no one suffered from upset stomachs or other travel bugs. I travel a lot and have been in something over 20 African countries over the years. Ivisited Ngorongoro in Tanzania many years ago and was so impressed by the wildlife. But in Namibia the wildlife was comparable and the entire country a marvellous scenic experience.

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