Takwela Camp

Takwela Camp

2 chalets
Best for 16+
15 Jul to 31 Oct

For many years the only camps that we have been able to offer in Zambia's North Luangwa National Park have been walking-only camps. While this has always ensured a top class walking-only experience, it has limited access to the park for people interested in a more varied safari experience. We're therefore delighted that Takwela Camp is due to open in July 2019, with plans for the property to offer both game drives and walking safaris in the North Luangwa.

Our view of Takwela Camp

Takwela camp promises to be very exciting - and it has generated great excitement amongst our regular travellers and ourselves! It's run by an experienced team that we have worked with in Africa for 20+ years - who focus on the experience with first-class guiding. It's due to open in July 2019 and, with just two rooms, promises to be the smallest safari camp in Africa.

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