Kono Kono Beach Villas

Kono Kono Beach Villas

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June to April

Kono Kono is a newly refurbished beach resort located on the western tip of the Michamvi peninsula, on the east coast of Zanzibar. It has been built in a tropical forest overlooking Chwaka Bay - which is now a protected conservation area, making it very quiet and remote. It is one of the only lodges on the east coast of Zanzibar where guests can sit at the bar and watch the sun set directly over the white-powdery beach in front.

Our view of Kono Kono

Kono Kono has the potential to be one of the best resorts in Zanzibar. Its location is fantastic - it is secluded, has access to an amazing beach and gets magnificent views of the sunset. The refurbishment of the existing villas and main area has been a massive improvement. Although there is nothing wrong with the new villas, given the choice, we’d rather stay in the old style villas because they have a bit more charm. Kono Kono is certainly best suited for younger couples who want to relax in privacy. However we have not seen the finished product or stayed there ourselves yet - so we therefore cannot vouch for the quality of the service or food, but the property itself looks great and we have high expectations for the future.

Kono Kono: Traveller ratings

Good(73%) From 3 travellers

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