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Travel reviews by Mrs & Prof R - Southampton

My Jun 2011 trip

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 9-Jun-2011 and 30-Jun-2011 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


You listened carefully to what we wanted and did your best to help find it. Very well organised - we would certainly recommend Expert Africa to others. We wouldn't have changed anything fundamental about the trip.

The marked up map and advice book was helpful.

Not sure about the advice to collect our luggage and then check it in again at Jo'Burg Airport when changing planes, however. We didn't do this, and had no problems. It could take ages if you had to go through immigration and then back again.

One word of warning - we started on the Waterkloof Trail in the Namib- Naukluft Park and had to turn back afternoon as it was obvious we were not going to complete it safely before dark. We should have started earlier, but hadn't allowed for the fact that the trail is very poorly marked (and the mapthey give you is lousy) and we took wrong turns several times. I guess the rains have washed markers off. It also slowed us down crossing and recrossing the river - I reckon over 50 times there and back - slow, even when each individual crossing is easy. We met another pair of hikers who had had similar problems. Very frustrating - it's a beautiful hike.

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