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Travel reviews by Mrs E & fam from NL

Great holiday

On this trip, I visited Botswana & Namibia between 14-Jul-2012 and 28-Jul-2012 and I travelled with 4 other people.

Overall my trip experience was:


Dear Sabina,

Thanks very much for organising such a great holiday again!! Totally different from the dry part of Namibia (Kalahari desert, Namib desert, Damara land, Etosha). This time river deltas, water, green, and also many many animals, and again very nice people. Anybody asking us about our two holidays, we suggest to contact Expert Africa and you. Again, unforgettable.

One topic for your consideration: leaving to our lodge near Rundu, we were stopped at a check point just south of Rundu close to an army base. I stopped the front of my car 1 meter past the stop sign. Anyway, the guy made a big point out of it, a second policeman joined him and I had to come with them to a tent next to the road. Supposedly I would get a fine of NAM $ 1500 for "ignoring the stop sign".

I stayed courteous, said that any fine I'd pay at the police station. Anyway, it was an attempt to get a bribe, but in the end I did not have to pay anything. At another lodge, I heard that a few other tourists had exactly the same experience, at exactly the same check point. Not a big deal, but just that you know this happened.

Again Sabina, thanks very much for your help. It was an unforgettable holiday, again!

Kind regards, Elly and Paul Veth.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Frans Indongo Lodge, Namibia
14-Jul-2012 review: Great lodge, nice people. Felt very welcome.
Hakusembe River Lodge, Namibia
15-Jul-2012 review: Great sun downer at Hakusembe Lodge.
Nxamaseri Lodge, Botswana
16-Jul-2012 review: Nxamaseri Lodge is a very special lodge.
Mazambala Island Lodge, Namibia (this camp has since closed)
18-Jul-2012 review: Mazambala Island Lodge
Chobe Safari Lodge, Botswana
19-Jul-2012 review: Chobe Safari Lodge
Camp Kwando, Namibia
22-Jul-2012 review: Camp Kwando
Ndhovu Safari Lodge, Namibia
24-Jul-2012 review: Ndhovu Safari Lodge
Kalahari Arms Hotel, Botswana
26-Jul-2012 review: Kalahari Arms hotel
Eningu Clayhouse, Namibia
27-Jul-2012 review: Ening Clayhouse