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Namibia - land of contrasts

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 8-Apr-2010 and 28-Apr-2010 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Namibia was everything that we'd hoped for plus some. The landscape was a lot more varied than I'd expected , the quality especially of accommodation and the food was fantastic and everyone we met was extremely friendly and helpful.

Although there are considerable distances to travel (we did over 3200 km's) the roads were very good, even the gravel and sand roads were well maintained we never found travelling to be daunting or a problem. The one thing to remember was to keep the petrol tank topped up, we adopted the policy of filling the tank whenever we had the opportunity if we were two thirds full or less as recommended by Expert Africa.

I'd recommend Namibia unreservedly to anyone interested in Africa.

Overall a fantastic trip with not even the hint of any problems. Namibia lived up to and exceeded all of our expectations and I am seriously returning in a couple of years in the dry season to get a different view on the country especially Etosha.

One thing that we did was we had the hire car cleaned prior to return. It did not say on the hire documents if this was necessary but we paid Nam $60 in Windhoek for a full hand clean. When we returned the car handover took less than 5 minutes with no problems what so ever and I'm sure this was due to the cleanliness of the car. So it was £5 well spent

We found everything in Namibia to be either reasonably priced or cheaper than expected with one exception which was books and newspapers which were very expensive.

Overall Namibia over excellent value for money especially when the quality of food and service was taken into consideration

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

The only thing that we were uncertain on was , as previously mentioned, whether the hire car should be cleaned prior to return. Adopting the policy of cleaning it anyway certainly served us well.

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