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Hemingways Watamu

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On Turtle Bay beach at Watamu, two hours’ drive north of Mombasa, Hemingways Watamu is a mid-sized game-fishing base and resort hotel, formerly popular with British guests. Its name harks back to Ernest Hemingway’s stay in Malindi in 1934. *** The hotel closed after in 2016 for a major redevelopment and re-opened in 2017. Expert Africa has not yet had a chance to revisit for an inspection since the rebuild. We did, however, visit the area in 2018, and we were dismayed by the large and unsightly seawall that the hotel has constructed against environmental advice. The wash from this sea wall is now having an adverse impact along this stretch of the coast, with significant erosion of the beach being evident.***

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Of the old Hemingways, we previously thought: "From October to April, because of the fishing, it can feel as if there’s little else to do, and nothing at all for children. In fact, there's a good range of activities and, while Hemingways is possibly resting a little too comfortably on its laurels, and is certainly too staid for some, it could suit first-timers looking for a British atmosphere. The staff are mostly thoughtful and friendly, and many guests form lasting connections from repeat visits."

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Good(80%) From 1 travellers

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