Swahili Beach

Swahili Beach

140 rooms
Best for 8+
All year

The huge Swahili Beach resort opened at the beginning of 2012 in a very central position on Diani Beach, south of Mombasa. The 140 rooms, with Mediterranean-style exteriors and Swahili chic interiors, are in two-storey clusters around the landscaped grounds. The hotel’s beachfront is one of the narrower sections of Diani Beach and the sea covers it at high tide.

Our view of Swahili Beach

There’s an awful lot of wow factor at Swahili Beach, and it’s all been done with great panache. On the downside, the beach here is quite narrow. And opening the hotel before it was finished was a mistake: service leaves a lot to be desired, and there’s still a long list of small deficiencies to address, from slippery shower floors to cracking floor cement and banging doors. We expect there’ll be steady improvements, but our three visits, including an overnight stay, have convinced us that the ‘teething problems’ may last at least another year or two.

Video of Swahili Beach

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