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Ballooning in the Namib Desert

Ballooning in the Namib Desert

Reviews: Ballooning in the Namib Desert

Below are independent comments from 67 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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M & L
Vancouver, BC

"Balloon Trip"

16 Oct 2007
"A great expereince seeing the dunes from above.

I did think that the actual flight time was quite short. I thought it was supposed to be between 60 and 90 mins, when it was actually much less than 60 mins. I don't know if this was really such good value for the money, however we're glad we did it." Read more about this whole safari
Mr P

"A golden morning"

Based at Kulala Desert Lodge on 12 Oct 2007
"This was the highlight of our Kulala trip, shadowed only by the lodge's failure to wake us up as promised and only a vague sense of timetable.

A wonderful experience, not only for the usual things - quiet, calm, stunning views, the gentle drift, the mighty beauty of the Namib - but also for the sheer professionalism of Astrid, our pilot, and her cheerful readiness to talk about what she was doing. It was an essay in skill and control throughout with the climax of an effortless landing and then the extraordinary deftness of her handling the basket and balloon, from the ground, to settle gently on the back of a trailer.

The breakfast in the morning sun was beautifully stage managed, too. First class." Read more about this whole safari
Ms H & Family

"smooth balloon ride"

Based at Kulala Desert Lodge on 17 Oct 2007
"We were really lucky with the weather for our early morning ballon ride, it was cloudy which meant the dawn was really specatular and it was not too hot when we stopped for a really superb spread for breakfast.

I was really impressed with our pilot who brought us down really low over the river bed but have to say that the flames were a lot closer than i had imagined and it would have been good to have been advised in advance how hot it was on board as i thought my fleece would melt!" Read more about this whole safari
Mrs Barn owl

"Great experience ballooning over the desert"

Based at Desert Homestead on 19 Sep 2007
"These trips are very well organised. The pilots are very competent and good fun. The views are great and give you fantastic opportunities to take some unforgettable photo's. The breakfast was much better than I expected.

We had some wonderful food, some of it home cooked, and plenty of bubbly to wash it down with. The crew were very entertaining and I would really recommend adding this experience to your itinery." Read more about this whole safari
Mr D

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert"

Based at Kulala Desert Lodge on 30 Aug 2007
"This was just magical! The balloonist was really experienced and looked just like Crocodile Dundee.

He landed the basket neatly on the back of the trailer and then we had the most amazing breakfast with champagne." Read more about this whole safari
Mr Nawas

"Unforgettable - but very high!"

Based at Kulala Desert Lodge on 2 Aug 2007
"This was fantastic -a lthough hadn't appreciated that we would be flying quite so high - I had some idea that we'd be scudding along ten metres above the dunes - so I'll admit to being a bit scared! But it was a great experience and I know Danny absolutely loved it.

Although the breakfast was lovely we both felt that he would have preferred the balloon flight to be (a bit) cheaper and not include the brekfast - it was special enough on its own.

The entire trip was extremely well organised and felt totally safe." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs F

"Ballooning in the Namib Desert"

Based at Kulala Desert Lodge on 28 Jul 2007
"The whole experience was amazing. The pilot was experienced & even landed the basket on a trailer at the end." Read more about this whole safari
Showing 61-67 of 67
67 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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